Adroc Healthcare manages and promotes health and well-being at work.  The core services we provide are health assessment screening, sickness & absence management and health promotion.

There are many reasons that account for the absence or dysfunction of a workforce.  However, Stress and Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the two most prevalent problems that organisations report. These problems amongst others can lead to chronic, repetitive cycles of working days lost and reduced productivity within the company.  Needless to say, this comes at a very high cost financially to business practices.


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* Rapid access to Senior Chartered Physiotherapists

* The assessment and treatment of injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.

* A tailored treatment programme provided, according to the latest evidence based practice


* Speedy resolution of problems


The Physiotherapy Advice Line

An instant access advice line for employees with a Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) – For example, back, neck and joint pain, RSI to name but a few.


Early Intervention


is the key to easing pain, symptoms and the severity of the complaint when tackling MSDs.

For more information, see ‘The Physiotherapy Advice Line’ in the services section.


Functional Capacity Assessments

This is an assessment of an individual’s ability to perform tasks and activities within their workplace.  The assessment will not only identify tasks that the individual can do but also those which they cannot.  This allows for a return to work plan, offering clear and concise advice regarding a phased return and modified duty capability. 


Manual Handling Training

Provided by our Senior, Chartered Physiotherapists.  We provide training for smaller groups to larger organisations with 1000+ employees. The two types of training we offer are:

1: People Moving and Handling.  This is appropriate for healthcare organisations. There is a mandatory core content of the course that we deliver, however, we can tailor the training specific to your requirements.

2: Moving & Handling of Inanimate Objects.  The application of this course is vast across many industries.  It can be tailored for Administration staff who move and handle boxes and equipment, to staff that are warehouse based and have to move, lift and handle goods repetitively throughout a shift.

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Workstation Assessments (DSE)

The HSE reports that the use of computer workstations and equipment can be associated with neck, back, arm pain, fatigue and eye strain.

These risks can be reduced by carrying out an assessment of the workstation, the individual and surrounding environment.


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