What is it?

It is the rehabilitation of the muscular and skeletal system after surgery to help you maximise your full physical potential.

This can be achieved by hands on Physiotherapy, exercise therapy, specific home exercise programmes tailored to your surgery, advice and education.



What Surgery can be Rehabilitated?

Total Knee Replacements

Total Hip Replacements or Hip Re-surfacing

Knee Arthroscopy

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Shoulder surgery – such as Sub-acromial decompression, Rotator cuff repair

Spinal Surgery

If you would like to discuss the specifics of rehabilitation for your surgery, then please call and speak to one of our Senior Physiotherapists.



Have you had surgery and are struggling to walk properly?

It might be that you need gait re-education.  This is when you need extra input to get you back on your feet, literally! It’s not uncommon that a person’s mobility and balance can be affected by pain, stiffness and a lack of confidence prior to and after surgery.  This makes getting from A to B very difficult. Unfortunately, you can over compensate using the wrong parts of your body, causing unnecessary aches and pains elsewhere. 


This can be extremely de-motivating for you to keep going with your recommended exercise programme, as you would have had such high expectations prior surgery that things would be much better after.


We are here to get you on back on track!!


If you’re concerned, speak to one of our Senior Physiotherapists in confidence and with no obligation to book an appointment. 
We are here at your service.