Personal Injuries may be caused by the actions or negligence of another party. These injuries are commonly caused by road traffic collisions and accidents in the workplace.



Whether your injury is the result of a road traffic collision, an accident in the workplace, a trip or fall in a public place, then Adroc Healthcare's Clinicians are trained to assess and treat your injury quickly and effectively.


One of the most common personal injuries we treat is Whiplash.


What is Whiplash?

This is when the soft tissues in the neck such as muscles and ligaments are sprained and become inflamed due to a 'whip' like mechanism of the head and neck, which can occur as a result of a collision.


How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Your Physiotherapist will ask you lots of questions about your injury, including your pain, symptoms, aggravating factors and establish how the injury has affected your activities of daily living, such as driving, shopping, housework and leisure activities.

Once this is complete, your Physiotherapist will carry out a thorough physical examination. This will identify key problems and exclude the need for further investigations such as x-rays. If no further investigations are required, your Physiotherapist will tailor a treatment plan to your needs, aiding recovery as quickly as possible. This is likely to include exercises, postural advice, heat & cold therapy, manual therapy (hands on treatment) and coping strategies how to best self-manage your pain and symptoms.


What about if my injury is not whiplash?


The principles of assessment and treatment remain the same.  We will thoroughly assess you to ensure you receive the best possible treatment tailored to your needs.  If we feel that it is in your best interest to receive further investigations prior to commencement of treatment, then we will make this happen.


What service can you expect if you are a personal injury Solicitor?


Once we receive your instruction, we will


1: Contact your client within 12 hours of the referral


2: Get your client booked in with a clinic within a 5 mile radius of their workplace or home address


3: Provide clear, concise and easy to understand reports within 24 hours of the assessment


4: Provide interim treatment updates on the day of your request


5: Release all requested medical records swiftly and securely within 24 hours


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Tel: 01536 206402