The stress and strain of training and sport can really take its toll on your body.  This can result in injury and biomechanical dysfunction, where your performance and techniques just don’t feel as comfortable or efficient as they once were. This can affect your ability to train, perform and compete.


So what can Physiotherapy do?


Physiotherapy can help prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate you and your injury back to your sport quickly and safely.


How can this be achieved?


Biomechanical Assessments – This assesses your body’s mechanics specific to your sport.  It can identify problematic areas of your body which may be causing dysfunction. These problems can cause repeated injury and lengthy time out from your sport. However, identifying these problems early on can help us to prevent the injury from occurring in the first place.

To put it in simple terms, if ‘your mechanics’ are not working correctly, then how can you ever hope to reduce the chance of injury and achieve maximum balance, speed, efficiency and power in your sport?   You can’t.

Don’t wait to get an injury before you get assessed!


We offer:


Sports Physiotherapy – The assessment and treatment of an injury

Sports Massage –To aid injury management. 


    Both provide physical, physiological and psychological benefits to your body as part of your training regime.


Read below, what others had to say about sports injury management with Adroc Healthcare.

Racing Driver for Team Pirtek – British Touring Car Championships

“The treatment I received is professional, thorough and specific, which got me back to training quickly to get race fit. I now attend the clinic for regular check-ups, which keeps my body in balance for training and racing. That way I can focus on my sport instead of worrying about my body. I’d definitely recommend Adroc Healthcare to any sports person whether training at the gym or competing at a high level.”

GB Boxer & Northamptonshire Sports Person of the year

“I had long standing back pain and tightness when training, in particular when running.   After trying several different physiotherapists and bio-mechanists, the problem was still occurring, that's when someone recommended Adroc Healthcare.  I booked in for a bio mechanical assessment and during this I found the service professional and the assessment was very thorough, which resulted in them finding things that the other Physios and previous assessments had not picked up on. I then went for a few treatments and following this, I noticed immediate improvement and progress, which has now left my back pain free and the tightness has disappeared when running.”

England Ladies Hockey Defender


 “Playing for your country is demanding both mentally and physically.  If I get an injury or start to experience discomfort I book in straight away with Adroc’s Physiotherapy team.  The treatment is always so professional and comprehensive, which gets me back to playing and training quickly.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”