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Gift Vouchers

Are you struggling to find a gift for a friend or loved one? Then why not buy a gift for health? 

People often purchase a gift voucher because they get fed up of hearing their nearest and dearest complain about aches and pains! 


Gift vouchers can also be purchased for a 'Body MOT' assessment. It might be that there isn't a specific problem but  you think that some one you know would benefit from advice and a tailored exercise programme to help maintain their mobility, joints and muscles. 

For an overview of the type of problems that we assess and treat, then click on our Physiotherapy page. 


Cost Gift voucher £45.This entitles the holder to a 45 minute assessment with a Senior Chartered Physiotherapist, at any of our 4 clinics. 

For more information or to order your gift voucher, then please call us on


Tel: 01536 206402